Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Journey for the Bike

I didn't think I could still get lost in this city. Apparently I was wrong.

Yesterday was all about my bike. I needed to take it to a shop to get it adjusted for my frame (it wasn't comfortable, so I wasn't riding it like I should) and it also needed an annual tune-up. The bike shop closest to me has really rude personnel, so I found another one online that is on the East side. I studied the map and figured out the most direct route to get there.

My building stores bikes and such items for the residents, so I called down to have them pull my bike out. Unfortunately, but not surprising, the tires were flat. So I walked the bike over to the East side.

I walked through Chinatown, always interesting and always crowded. I found one of the streets I was looking for but couldn't find the street the shop was on. I finally asked a delivery guy, thinking he would know the area. He told me how to get there but told me to turn right on Allen street. Unfortunately, where I intersected with that street, it was renamed Pike. How was I to know? I kept walking, eventually asking a crossing guard. I finally found the shop about 2 hours after I started this odyssey. I was wearing good shoes, but my feet and knees were getting tired by this time.

Unfortunately, the guy at the bike shop said they needed a couple hours and could I come back later? Inwardly I groaned and decided then to take a taxi back to the shop.

I walked back to Soho and took the subway back home, grabbing a Subway sandwich on the way. Just as I sat down and took my shoes off in my apt, the bike shop called saying my bike was ready. I was able to direct the taxi back to the shop. The one thing about wandering around like that is that you do learn the area.

Riding the bike again was refreshing and exhilarating. I love feeling the breeze as I pedal faster and faster. It's a good bike, and now that it's appropriately adjusted for me, I can really enjoy it.

Jenn, I'm already planning on next year's Triathlon! This is the earliest I've ever started preparing -- 10 months ahead of time -- but I'm excited. I really missed not completing that event this year, and I find it's a great motivator to keep active.


get2eric said...

Do you have a pump?

EdamameMommy said...

Sounds like a frustrating adventure. This has me thinking...My bike is missing. I wonder if Al sent it to the shop after it's return flight home from ACK? Those cobblestones did a number on the suspension...Hmmmm

Emily said...

Yes, I have a pump, but I didn't realize for this bike, I need an adapter for the special racing tires. Got one now!