Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Future Foretold (?)

When I was out on the town with my friend Lindsay last Saturday, we had a fabulous dinner at Sushi Samba in the West Village and then wandered around trying to waste time until we met up with our friends later.

The West Village is a happening place in the evenings. Lots of bars, tattoo parlors, sex toy shops and psychics. We stopped at a psychic and I had my palms read just for fun.

It was interesting. She correctly identified that I was starting a new adventure (my new job), and that I had recently made a big move. She said an ex was trying to get in touch with me (true) and that I should stay away from that (already am). She said I will have a long life and two kids, a boy and a girl (hope so). And then she said I'll probably get married around 35.

I cracked up laughing, as I'm currently 36. Which I told her. And she said, "Oh! You look so young! I thought you were 28 or 29! Well, it [marriage] will come soon."

Yeah, right. Nice cover.


Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha - I was laughing reading this just like you. But weren't those the same fortunes that were told to you last time - back in Dallas???

get2eric said...

Unhappily with this medium you don't get what you pay for.
Must have been a shocker for her.
Then again maybe she says that to all the girls.

ColeBugsmommy said...

Great post. I had my fortune told back when I was in high-school, she said that I would marry someone with the last name L. She was right...I married two! LOL Maybe I picked the wrong L's :-)