Monday, August 18, 2008

Being the New Kid

Growing up, we moved around a lot. While I was born here in NYC (Queens baby!), my parents moved us to Dallas before I was 2 years old. A few years later we moved again, and every 2-4 years after that: Cincinnati, OH; St. Louis, MO; Dallas, TX (again); Midland, TX; Houston, TX; El Paso, TX. Then I went off to college (College Station, TX) and back to Dallas after graduation.

While I suppose there are things I missed by moving around, there was a lot I gained as well. But it's never easy being the new kid.

Today I started a new job. Although today was just orientation -- paperwork and company policies -- I did meet a couple new colleagues. The nice thing about my last two new experiences is that my reputation proceeds me. My new colleagues are genuinely happy to meet me and already know a little about me.

As anyone knows that knows me, I can talk to pretty much anyone. So that's not a problem. But remembering all the new names and who does what is the challenge!

(Tomorrow should be my real first day. I'm anxious and a little nervous and excited. And just like the first day at a new school, I've already picked out my outfit.)


Jennifer said...

Nice choice of photo. You are amazing how you are able to always recreate yourself. I know you'll do well in your new job.

Anonymous said...

I've always loved that picture of you -- and see, you had a short bob haircut then, too! :)
Love you, M

get2eric said...

What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, Em. Its always tough starting something new. But, I'm positive you'll succeed with this new job even MORE than the last. =)

Love you!


Anonymous said...

You were always gorgeous ,Emily,and you were really blonde I am going to embarrass you have a lovely face and a lovely spirit and outlook and I personally love you for what you are.xx A.Norma.

EdamameMommy said...

You were such a little dollbaby in that picture. Oh I coveted your tan and your tanlines in your swimteam speedo!

paula said...

Awwww, such a cutie. You are amazing!