Thursday, August 05, 2010

Settling In

I can't believe it's already Thursday. Time is flying by, and my days are packed with so much. I'm still getting settled, although all but two boxes are unpacked. I still have a few more pictures to hang, and I continue to replenish condiments and other grocery staples that I had to discard when I moved. I am loving my new place. The 2 bed/2 bath feels HUGE to me after my 1/1 in NYC, and there are more closets than I can actually fill. I have a large back porch and little fenced yard in the back, and the apartment complex backs up to a state-protected wooded area. I can't hear any noise other than crickets, frogs and the soothing coos of doves. It's very peaceful.

Of course, the only drawback to all this woodsy-ness is the plentiful -- and varied -- insect life. Ick. In my high-rise in the concrete jungle, I didn't have any bugs. But it's a small inconvenience. There's definitely not an insect problem -- I'm just squeamish about creepy crawlies!

Last weekend, my sweet cousin Bev drove up from College Station. She helped me organize, and I purchased a guest bed for the extra room for her to sleep on. After a busy Saturday, we had a quiet evening at home and quality girl talk over Mojitos. The last time I really had such a nice visit with her was just before she started college when she visited me in NYC three years ago. She is so dear to me, and it was great to catch up.

And she got to be the first family member to meet Fly Boy. When she and I went for dinner at a Chinese restaurant on Friday night -- which turned out to be very strange because of the karaoke system that was the main attraction and the overly serious singers -- I got a text from FB that he was finishing up a call not too far from where we were. Bev asked if we could go see him, and he said of course! (Note: I am hesitant about the whole police thing, and don't like to even think about the fact that he's in dangerous situations every day. I do not have a burning desire to go on "ride-alongs" or hang out at the station. I respect what he and his officers do, but I'd rather keep work at work.) FB assured me that the scene was secured and it was safe for us to come by. (They were just finishing up paperwork stuff.) He was very proud to introduce me to two of the guys who work for him, and we chatted with them for a few minutes. The next day, he met us for brunch, and Bev and FB each got to know each other a little better. Bev gave him a thumbs-up.

Next up: FB will get vetted by the vet: Vetmommy and her family.


Blonde said...

Sounds promising so far! Fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

Well that all sounds perfect,Em..don't forget to let me have your new address,please..hahaha you remind me of your Nana Emily..we called her 'Gypsy' because she was always moving house :)she had a zest for life and anything glad that Flyboy passed young Bev's 'inspection' :) x

Auntie Norma.xx

paula said...

The new place sounds lovely Em, as does FB!!! As Auntie Norma says please don't forget to give us your new address!!!


Emily said...

Blonde: Thanks!

Auntie Norma: Yes, I have a little gypsy in me, and I get restless if I'm anywhere for too long.

Paula: Alright, sent my new addy via email to you both. You're welcome to visit anytime!