Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh No

Well, here's your chance to say, "I told you so."

FB came back from his trip -- his annual pilgrimage to Memphis for Elvis week -- where he saw his ex-girlfriend and realized he still has feelings for her. And -- surprise of all surprises -- she wants him back.

He's decided he has to "see this thing through."

Yes, I am a fool for getting sucked in so quickly, for believing his declarations of love and getting attached to his sweet girls. I feel like an idiot, but mostly I'm just devastated and hurt. I really thought we had something good going.


Blonde said...

Urgh. You poor, poor thing. Been there almost exactly, and it is RUBBISH. Really rubbish. There's no excuse for it, and it's not acceptable behaviour to be dating other people if you're not over the previous one.

So sorry, Emily. xxx

Catherine said...

I'm sorry to hear this. Please don't feel discouraged or dumb or like this is your fault. You put your trust in someone. That is not your fault. He broke it, or he let you down. That's his fault. If you start taking too much blame in this, you'll never take the leap again ... and that would be unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

Well,Emily, at least "it's better to have loved etc etc" Boy,am I dumbfounded!! I pity those poor kiddies of his they won't know where the hell they are up to! Perhaps it was a bit strong..perhaps he is afraid of another 'marriage' ..I bet anything you like that he realises you could be 'the one' and he is 'making sure'..he'll miss you,Em, have no doubt about that..Can you tell I am fuming? lift up your chin and smile your lovely smile..that's the way! :)


Anonymous said...

So, so sorry Emily! I don't think anyone would dream of saying I told you so. You have a big heart and jerks tend to take advantage of that. I know its little consolation, but as you well know, each failed relationship is a learning experience. You probably would never do it the same way again. I must echo Aunt Norma's sentiments--Those poor girls. Their father is doing an extreme disservice to them by quickly introducing them to new girl friends before he's sure he's committed to the relationship. They will likely grow up with skewed perceptions of what love really is, not to mention feel very insecure in their relationships. Thank goodness Mr. Fickle showed his true stripes now instead of further down the road. His ex girl friend has not gained a prize, that's for sure. She'll surely be left by the wayside, as well, once he 'sees it through'. I know it must feel like a huge devastating loss right now, but you really dodged a bullet. ::Hugs::

Anonymous said...

I hope no one tells you "I told you so." That's not helpful. No risk, no reward. You have to put yourself out there in order to find something great, so you did nothing wrong.

You are a smart, beautiful, FUN, successful, amazing catch. The fact that someone is willing to risk losing all that you offer is making a very poor choice. He doesn't deserve you and you don't deserve to be with a man who doesn't realize what an amazing woman he has with you. What you deserve is a man who is going to hold onto you at all costs because he can't imagine life without you. And you will find him.

I, too, am with your Aunt Norma. FB has hurt 4 girls with this situation - not 1 - none of whom deserve this heartbreak.

I'm so sorry you are hurting. It's just not fair.

Spree said...

UGH...I'm sorry and I agree with everyone else. I hope no one tells you "I told you so". You opened your heart and that in itself these days is a pretty amazing thing.
They will realize that an EX is an EX for a reason and I'm quite sure that soon he'll realize what he lost in you.
This whole break up thing seems to be going around lately. Keep your head up and chin up.

Traci N said...

That's just not right.

Who would 'I told you so' for this? You thought you had a genuine person, and you pursued. Lots of detached ways to see this as 'better now than later' -- but, that doesn't soothe the heart at this point.

BTW, I seem to have Google conflict here some days (that may involve work day reading) - T1 and TraciN - all me. We almost met up in NYC - and I loved the Campbell Apt tip! Anyway - still reading, less comment time due to my own life chaos. :) And never seem to remember which login works here(IT worker, so, 4 gmail accounts alone!)

paula said...

I'm so very very sorry Em. I'm feeling your hurt right now. Can I just add "what a complete knob"!!! XXXXXX

Anonymous said...

So there you have it,Emily, we are all behind you and if anyone is cruel enough to say "I told you so" just say "yes you did..know-it-all" :) Nobody can tell how a relationship is going to work out but at least you have learnt a little lesson here so you didn't waste your time.


Shimmed said...

I've never understood the following human behavior; a. He (or substitute her) meets you, there is an mutual mental and physical attraction. b. Both of you get to spend time together and the previously mentioned attractions grow. c. Then out of nowhere! Ooh... I've run into my former (insert whatever here) and I'm going to end this new thing with you and pursue this heretofore failed relationship with so and so. ????

I guess my point is don't waste your time with someone so indecisive.

Emily said...

Blonde: Thanks. I remember your story like this, too. There should be some sort of license to date, and these idiots shouldn't get one so they can't hurt us.

Catherine: I appreciate your words. I tend to turn inwards and am angry at myself for letting him in so quickly. I know it will take time, but right now, I can't imagine taking the leap again.

Auntie Norma: Yes, I'm sad about the kids, too, and I miss them. I hope I have learned a lesson, but right now, all I can think is that I shouldn't trust so easily.

N: I think you're right, but at the moment, I don't see that I've dodged a bullet. I just miss him and what we had started.

Anonymous: Thank you.

Spree: Yes, I think his choice is a bad one (not just because he didn't choose me) and I imagine it will end again.

TraciN: I had gotten several comments about how fast things were moving, so I thought I might get the "I told you so's" but fortunately, I haven't. Glad you liked the Campbell Apt.

Paula: Thanks. Love you.

Shimmed: I don't understand it either. I just wish I had seen some warning sign but there was none.

EdamameMommy said...

You don't need anyone to say they told you so because you got smacked in the face with this Elvis trip revelation. That is enough punishing!

Like Norma says, and in the words of the Ev video dedicated to you, "I just skid up my chin, and grin and say...oooo.the sun'll come out tomorrow!"

EdamameMommy said...

ps obs I don't think you should be punished in the least. I'm just sayin' if anyone else out there thought you should be spanked, you have been.