Monday, August 30, 2010

Go Team!

I drove to Houston Saturday morning, and my sister Steph gave me a run-through of the school drop-off and pick-up. My three nieces and nephew go to three different schools! Fortunately, they are pretty well-timed -- providing traffic cooperates -- so you can drop off the first two, grab a cappucino, and drop off the little one. This morning was the first test, and everyone got to school on time! Yay!

Although I'm not a huge sports fan, it is always fun to experience sporting events live and feel the energy of the players and the crowd. On Saturday night, Steph and her husband took me and the kids to a Texans game. Oh, and we were in a box. It was pretty sweet! To me, the best part was watching the kids watch the game. It was the first time Evelyn (3-yrs) had ever been to a game, and she remarked several times that she was so excited AND that she was so excited to be going with "Auntie Em." :-)


Anonymous said...

Looks like a blast! The girls are adorable and look so much alike. What happened to poor Graham's face above his eye? You're a wonderful auntie, and I'm sure the kiddies are thrilled that you are there.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a great time with the kiddos! They look awfully excited to have you there! Hope everything goes very smoothly!

And thank you for not obnoxiously posting how badly the Texans beat the Cowboys! UUGH. T G it is only pre-season!


Anonymous said...

Auntie Em - I hadn't put two and two together before but weren't you featured in a movie some time ago? No texans but plenty of lions and tigers and bears! Oh my.

jman said...

Oops that last anonymous comment was meant to be from jman

Emily said...

Anonymous 1: It was a blast! Graham ran into a pole on the playground while playing kickball. He's healed remarkably well and the stitches are due to come out soon.

WM: It's fun but a lot of work!

Anonymous 2, jman: Yes, Evie is the only one who calls me "Auntie Em," and she's too young to have seen the movie yet. BTW, glad you're back. :-)

Vetmommy said...

Yeah, hard to say no to box seats and such fine company!

Anonymous said...

Oh,jman means Wizard of Oz I think :) nice to see you again,jman. Emily, those pics are lovely..

A.Norma. :)