Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pulling at the Heartstrings

One of my coworkers is out on maternity leave. She came by the office today with her perfect, gorgeous little daughter Phoebe.

As we all crowded around and "oohed" and "ahhed" over this precious little one, no one reached out to hold her. I went and washed my hands just in case I could get the opportunity. The mom offered, and everyone shrinked back, saying they were too nervous to hold such a newbie (she's one month). The mom looked at me, and of course, I told her I'd love to hold her.

Newborns are so easy to hold, they mold up against you and snuggle in. Phoebe was such a sweetie and slept the whole time I held her. When I changed her position, she would reach her arms above her head and arch her back in a stretch but kept her eyes closed the whole time. She made sweet little grunts and coos and smelled so sweet. Her skin was soft as only newborns' skin can be.

As much as I try and convince myself I've got it great with 5 nieces and nephews, I would so love to have a little newborn of my own. It was wonderful to get to spend a few minutes with such a sweet baby girl. And such a welcome break in my busy day.


EdamameMommy said...

yes, and as you describe the grunts and stretches and snuggles, that is the good stuff of which, I think, one can never get enough.

Phoebe was on my short list with Evie. Your Phoeb is the second I've heard of in the past two months. Isn't that interesting?

jman said...

Ah but would you have felt the same way with a colicky, screaming bundle of joy who projectile vomited on you when you had only had 1 hour of sleep? Maybe only if it was yours and then it would be touch and go! On the other hand I have no doubt you would make a good mom.

Everything has its consequences some good and some bad so try to see the good in what you have and don't focus on what you don't have. That's only the road to frustration. As I like to say about almost anything except maybe the Yankees blowing a game like tonight - perspective is everything!

And apropos your apt search thought this link might be of interest. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20603037&sid=aQofXjNr0FWI

Anonymous said...

Seriosuly.....Can J-man and Emily meet for goodness sake? I've found I'm equally excited to see his responses to Em's Blog......


Just something to ponder.........

Anonymous said...

I too love to hold newbies and that is why I so enjoy my volunteering at Texas Children's Hospital -- holding newborns in the NICU. I also like the name Phoebe - very cute.

My heart aches for you but one never knows??????

Love you, sweetheart, M

Anonymous said...

Ah,go and grab the first good looking fella you can,Em. and be damned! ...ooops..sorry I went a bit mad then. I love you too.xx

Aunty Norma. x

Emily said...

EdamameMommy: It's a great name, and it really fits this little girl.

jman: I actually was curious to hear her cry, and I have had the experiences of colic, projectile vomit and poop on me. It doesn't phase me in the least. And I saw that article (and your previous one) and have made a good deal with my current building.

Anonymous: LOL! Everything happens for a reason, and I kinda like the current situation. Don't want to rock the boat, you know?

M: I'm glad you're doing that volunteer work. I definitely miss mine. I know, you never know...it's just as 40 looms closer with each year, I'm trying to be content with whatever happens (or doesn't).

Anonymous said...

Emily, You seem like one of those women who were meant to be a mother. I know it hasn't worked out for various reasons so far....but I sure hope that at some point it does. A committed two parent relationship is ideal, but if that doesn't happen for you eventually I still think you have so much to offer a child. (In fact, I can think of a few children with two parents who would be much better off with a single parent like you!)