Friday, August 14, 2009

A Painful Distraction

Dating, and life in general, has been sidelined lately due to excruciating back pain.

I have slight scoliosis, curvature of the spine, which isn't severe enough for corrective surgery but does provide frequent pain. I have gotten significant relief from chiropractic adjustments, which has given me weeks without any back pain, and regular massage. But occasionally, it gets really severe, and the pain is so all-consuming I have difficulty thinking of anything else.

I've been dealing with this situation for the past couple weeks. It finally got so bad I saw my doctor and got muscle relaxers. I'm taking them -- because they take the edge off the painful spasms -- but I hate the way they make me feel, like I'm underwater and sluggish. But at the moment, if I don't take them, the spasming brings me to tears and prevents me from sleeping.

Acupuncture last night helped, too. And today I feel almost human again. Hopefully I am nearing the end of this and I can get back to my life!


Vetmommy said...

Yikes! Feel better, Em Em!

Anonymous said...

Poor Emily. xx get better soon.


paula said...

Oh Em hope it gets better soon. Hugs XXXXX

get2eric said...

I hope so.

Baro said...

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S. said...

Scoliosis? I have that as well, also not severe enough for corrective surgery. However, the only time I ever have any pain is if I am doing too much heavy lifting or I sleep the wrong way. I've only ever had the bad crying pains a few times. Maybe your curve changed again? Anyway, good luck with the dating...I'm not doing so well in that department. Trying to Start Love just seems too hard at the moment with my job, stress, and deadlines!