Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Nice First Date

I met Cattle Baron for a drink -- wanted to start off with something defined and short in case it wasn't good -- but we progressed to dinner. He talked a lot about himself at first, not asking me many questions, but when we got to dinner, I got a chance to share as well. He insisted on paying, saying that's how he was raised and he would be offended if I paid. I did get the door for myself on the way out, and he mentioned he would have gotten it for me if I had given him a chance. I laughed and said I was NY-ified and used to being independent.

It was a good first date. CB seems like a really nice, sweet guy, and when he smiles, it reminds me of someone -- I can't quite put my finger on who yet. He has a definite Southern drawl and talked about how he's always lived in small towns. I countered that I've always lived in cities, and wouldn't have it any other way.

He was very polite and intelligent. The conversation was easy. But there weren't really any sparks. I enjoyed his company and agreed to see him again. But driving "home" (to my sister's where I'm staying until my apt is ready), I have to admit that I don't think the sparks are something that comes with time. I think you either have chemistry, or you don't.


Anonymous said...

you posted: "I don't think the sparks are something that comes with time. I think you either have chemistry, or you don't" .. I disagree with you on this,Em.Love grows from knowing someone more each time you meet and you recognise LOVE itself when you never want to say goodbye..that's my humble opinion anyway. :) CB sounds 'nice' and do you know his Starsign yet? xx


Small Town Girl said...

Hey Em, I have a good feeling about this date.
I agree with Norma that instant chemistry is plain bookish. For me, Love has always grown with time. It is hard for me to fall for someone immediately. I have seen that instant flash & burn really does not last... but may be I am too conventional in thinking.

Yeah, CB sounds nice and sweet and I would like to see how it shapes.
I am from a small town myself and staying in New Delhi, I have seen that men here just do not want to commit. They are always on the lookout of a better one. That I believe is big city mentality :)

And yes, I have a feeling we have many things in common and do not worry about divorce.... its apart of life... and God's will..

jman said...

Glad you had a pleasant time. Sparks are overrated. Niceness underrated. This one may be like a good sauce - the flavor comes from a long simmer. How far out of Austin does this guy live and are cattle his livelihood or just a hobby?

And may you never lose your NYification (other than that Mets visor)!

Emily said...

Aunty Norma: Yes, he is nice. Bday is Dec. 20.

Small Town Girl: Maybe so. I'm going to see him again, so we'll see what happens.

jman: Cattle are just a hobby of sorts, he has a full-time job, too. Doesn't live too far out -- maybe 45 min. And there are some things I learned in NY that I DON'T want to get rid of, but I'm not super attached to the Mets hat. :-)

Anonymous said...

hmmm, Capricorn! hey,Emily, hang on to this one if you can for a while..they take some drawing out but are worth the time and effort(and going by personal experience) they do take some drawing out :) in a 'nice' way though..for example,Uncle Noel is Capricorn :) 'they' make good Husbands,Fathers,and are Homelovers..are down to earth and call a 'spade a spade' sound ok? good. :)

Aunty Norma.xx

Anonymous said...

Ooops,Sorry,Emily..I made a booby..your Friend is Saggitarius NOT Capricorn..(near enough mind you) :) xx


Blonde said...

Hmm. Beware the instant fireworks. I'm coming to the conclusion that, sometimes, the slow burners have the most potential.

Anonymous said...

"I don't think the sparks are something that comes with time. I think you either have chemistry, or you don't"

Maybe that's why you are still single... Have you thought about that?

Chemistry comes with time, you can't judge somebody based on a first date only. You are not really yourself on the first few dates.

Emily said...

Blonde: I know what you're saying, but I think there needs to be some physical attraction.

Anonymous: I am still single because of my choices. I could be married now, but I don't want to settle for something that's not right for me.

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