Friday, January 16, 2009

Interesting Tidbits

Alright, enough of the drama. Here's some other interesting things that I've done or seen this week.

On Monday and half of Tuesday, I was in Washington, D.C. for work. The city was getting ready for Obama's inauguration this coming Tuesday, and one of the funniest things was the WALL of port-a-potties along the Mall. There were hundreds of them!

From there, I flew to Chicago, also for work, and of course, where Obama recently departed. They are so proud that "one of their own" is going to be leading the country.

Of course, Chicago is a cold city in the winter, and while I was there, a new storm system blew in bringing with it lots of snow and the coldest air Chicago has seen in more than a decade. I was glad to leave, even though my flight was delayed a few hours. I had to get back to NYC before the storm hit here.

So today, the Weather Channel is telling me that while it's 12*F out there, it feels like -3*F with the wind chill. Brr!!! I'm thankful for my "puffy coat," which is filled with down and keeps me quite warm. Boots, gloves, hat and scarf complete the outfit, and the coldest part of me is my face.

Last night, I had a wonderful dinner with two dear friends -- former coworkers who have become great friends. It doesn't hurt that they are both attractive men who shower me with compliments either! It does the soul good. (And before you get any great ideas, they are both married with beautiful families.) One of them has a potential suitor for me, and I think I'm going to take him up on the offer to meet. Why not? FWB has definitely pulled back. I haven't seen him since last Saturday, before this whole thing, and when I asked about this weekend, he was noncommittal but mentioned plans with friends.

You know how they say things happen in three's? Three of my girlfriends are pregnant, all due between May and July. So far, I've learned two of them are expecting girls, and I'm gearing up to make them all quilts. That should keep me busy!


dellie said...

Go you! That's defo the right attitude. From your blog i can tell that you have so much going for you. Definitely lap up those compliments that your friends bestowed on you at dinner. you obviously deserve them! :)

Irish Parisienne said...

Doooooo itttt! Thats the spirit...

now where do I get me some boys like that


get2eric said...

Oh I like this attitude.
Carry on London.


Anonymous said...

..That's my girl! I believe,Em, that you can raise your head above all sorts of 'stuff'...I don't want to use the word 'problems' because I can tell that you have dealt with your 'stuff' admirably. So now to your next stage: look for the chap with the greying hair..not too tall..kind and considerate..warm,comfy and got a good job hahaha ok? xxx

Aunty Norma.

Anonymous said...

I follow your blog and admire you. This has made me respect you so much. Good for you Emily. You deserve the world--don't settle!