Friday, January 23, 2009

25 Random Things

I received this meme through Facebook and decided to leverage the content for my blog as well.

1. I was born in NYC, although we left when I was 18 months or so. I moved back here in 2007.
2. I moved around a lot as a kid. The list of where I was raised is: NYC, Dallas, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Dallas, Midland, Houston then off to college.
3. My hazel eyes are usually mostly brown but turn bright green when I cry or my eyes are irritated.
4. I've been coloring my hair for the past 15 years. Currently, it's blonde.
5. I love to sing and perform. My biggest audience was over 8,000 when I sang the National Anthem at a Race for the Cure event in Plano, TX.
6. I am the middle child of three girls.
7. I am the proud auntie of 5 adorable, intelligent and loving kids: Anna (7), Colin (5), Paige (5), Graham (5) and Evelyn (1.5)
8. I've survived countless bad relationships and 2 divorces.
9. I have played the violin, clarinet and piano, although I currently just play my iPod.
10. I used to be near-sighted but had Lasik when I turned 30.
11. I used to own (and ride) a sports-bike, a Suzuki SV 650.
12. I'm not a morning person.
13. When I was 6, I had an operation to repair a hernia.
14. My degree is in health education, although I have taken it into a very different direction than I originally thought.
15. I always thought I would be a stay-at-home mom.
16. I still hope to have kids of my own.
17. I drink more English tea than coffee.
18. I really enjoy good food with good wine, and even better if there's someone to share it with.
19. I'm generally an extrovert and can talk to just about anyone.
20. I enjoy my alone time, too.
21. I prefer savory foods to sweet ones.
22. I've struggled with my weight, but it's currently headed in the right direction.
23. I've completed 2 adventure races and 2 triathlons with the encouragement & support of my big sister Jennifer.
24. I haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up yet.
25. With the encouragement of friends, I've been writing a book and finding it to be quite a challenge! (It may turn out to be more of a pamphlet!)


Vetmommy said...

Those are some great facts.

Anonymous said...

.hmm a few facts there that I really like about you,Em. It's the book that I'm interested in..did you ever see the one I gave to your Mum that I wrote? it was a kind of synopsis of my life called 'The first 64 years'..I love the way you write when you tell us a story/happening in your life and it's never boring when you're around! hahaha xxx

Aunty Norma. said...
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