Friday, September 04, 2009

Aging Gracefully?

A woman I know who is a little more than 10 years older than me and who I have admired for how well she takes care of herself recently got some minor cosmetic procedures -- from the looks of it, she got Botox and lip injections. I think it actually looks a bit weird, and I actually think she looked better before. What do you think? Would you get something done?

And then this week I found several gray hairs on my head. My highlights have grown out, and I'm due for a touch-up. I was planning on going a little darker for fall, but now I'm rethinking it since gray shows up more against dark hair. Damn, but they were a disappointing surprise. I mean, I know they're inevitable, but I didn't realize I had them! I guess the lighting in the new bathrooms at work is more illuminating (or my bathroom lighting at home is more forgiving). Until now, I've just colored my hair for the fun of it. Plus, I hate the dullness of my "dish-water blonde" color.

So, I'm all for coloring hair, but I don't think I would do anything else. But perhaps it's one of those things we don't consider until we look in the mirror and wonder what happened to our youth...

P.S. Please lay off my frequent commenter "jman." I appreciate his comments and don't want him to stop reading and sharing his opinions. I like the current blogger/reader relationship and not sure I want to change that by meeting him in person. And, of course, he may not want to meet me either, or may not be available.


jman said...

What is a huge generational marker? The fact that women now no longer go gray. Personally I have always thought that a woman who accepted the aging process in terms of hair color showed great self confidence. Of course being a naturalist, I am not big on any type of alterations, even the female need to always be changing her hair color. I suppose for the religiously inclined one could say one is slapping God in the face by changing his/her (I am ecumenical in my choice of pronouns) handiwork. This is not to say that self improvement things like exercising and large breast implants fall in the same category as face lifts and hair coloring. Relax, just kidding about the exercising. :)

For a man, the thing about aging is that the only thing that gets thinner is his hair. For women it is having the external items which define one as a woman being the embodiment of Newton and his apple. However, as I always like to say, it beats the alternative (and no I don't mean having an ever aging picture in one's attic!)

Vetmommy said...

I say NO to botox (even though I hate the wrinkle between my brows). There is something wrong with purposefully injecting your self with the most powerful neurotoxin known to man.

I also think botox, restylane, and plumped lips look worse. Who would want a puffy, dead face? I also can always spot the "work" on actresses faces, and it makes me so sad.

Coloring hair is temporary and noninvasive. That is a totally different class of self improvement, and OK in my books.

EdamameMommy said...

"if it makes you happeeeeeeeeeeee, it can't be that baa-aaaa aad"
I don't know, nothing fake appeals to me other than these porcelain teeth I have. And I've breastfed three children. I'd like perkier boobs but not as much as a appreciate what mine have done even if they are deflated. if I had tons of excess skin from massive weightloss, I could see having that removed, but we've got GREAT elastic skin genes, sista. From one who weighed just shy of 200 lbs once upon a time...
As for the face stuff, I think the cosmetic masterminds will invent something better before I look like a cross between a lizard and a guppie

Anonymous said...

I too hate artificial 'help' with our Face/Body, Emily...and I believe that our Hair colouring (as we get older) matches the skin colour on our Face..but I always said that when I start to see the Grey..I will 'go Blonde'like my 3 Sisters were.:) so go ahead,Girl, and colour the Blonde bits up a little bit. :) you don't need any embellishments're lovely as you are.


Anonymous said...

I'm 31 and I'm letting my natural color including the gray, show. I also wouldn't do cosmetic surgery. I try the best I can to take care of my health now.