Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Many Fish in the Sea?

Things are picking up a bit in the dating scene. After being email-interviewed by a journalist in London about online dating, I signed up for free trials on Chemistry.com and eHarmony.com. Both have personality tests created by psychologists which they then use to match you with compatible people. But after going through the steps again, I remember why I don't like eHarmony. They send me way too many profiles to look through, and I dutifully review them and mark the ones I find interesting. Maybe it's just my luck, but whoever I make the first move on always seems to "close" the match. And again, the reason 99% of the guys choose as why they're closing the match is "Other." I NEVER pick "Other." I usually pick "I don't feel the chemistry is there." The profiles also don't seem to have enough information. Most guys write the bare minimum in answer to the questions, and many of the profiles read similarly.

Chemistry.com seems to be doing a little better for me. They give you more information about why they matched you with the person, and the profiles tend to have more copy than just monosyllabic responses. I'm currently emailing with three guys -- two of them have the same name, and that's a bit confusing -- and I'm about to set up a time to meet one of them.

Plus, I got in contact with someone through LinkedIn.com that I haven't seen in over ten years, and she has put me in touch with a guy-friend of hers here in the city. So if it's a numbers game, I'm definitely got more opportunities. Now I just have to keep them all straight and remember what I've said to whom...

And I guess I'm not alone. Apparently, singles turn to online dating to cope with the recession. (Not my reason, but the more, the merrier!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Singleton,

I understand your heartache. I am 30+ in Las Vegas and facing the same problems. I have even tried the dating sites you mentioned. That is why I decided to create my own dating company. No, I have not found that special someone yet, but I have helped thousands find their special someone. Lets hope we both do not become 40something and singleton lol.

Best wishes,

Editor - http://www.30dating.net

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You go girl!

I truly believe it is a numbers game when it comes to this sort of thing. Even though I am happily married now, I remember the dating cycle being either feast or famine. Go figure?

You might try keeping an Excel spreadsheet going on these guys to help you.

EdamameMommy said...

Spamorama comments, yuck. Hope the dating fishbowl is less scum-infested