Monday, April 20, 2009

A Date or Something

Tonight I had a "date" with a guy that was virtually introduced with me by an old acquaintance of mine in Texas. I say date in quotes because it wasn't an official set-up but more of a casual introduction. I worked with this woman 13-14 years ago (am I really that old?) and we recently got back in touch through LinkedIn. When she heard I was in NYC and still single, she suggested I meet a friend of hers from college who is a lawyer here.

We exchanged a couple of emails and realized we live in the same general area of the city. He suggested we meet tonight at an Italian place in Tribeca with a great bar and restaurant. I dressed nicely, in a brown skirt with brown knee-high boots, and a turquoise top with matching jacket. It's raining cats-and-dogs today, so I put my hair up. I got to the place first and was conversing with the Italian bartender about how different NYC is from either Italy or Texas when he jeans and a jacket like those that go with jogging suits. So I was definitely overdressed. Oh well, I wore this to work, too, so it's not like I dressed up especially for this meeting.

We had a nice conversation, and we have enough in common to keep it going through different topics. He made more than one reference to age, and I got the feeling he thinks he's too old for me. But I just got the feeling that he wasn't very interested in me, perhaps because he didn't really look at me when I answered his questions and was easily distracted by whoever just walked in the door. I even saw him check out one girl from head to toe while he was talking to me.

It obviously wasn't a "love connection," but hopefully we can be friends. He's lived here for 9 years and mentioned so many great places and things that I want to check out.


Anonymous said...

What a turn off to have someone checking out other people while you're trying to get to know them. Definitely not a winner. Maybe he'll make a better friend.

Traci N said...

Maybe he has friends that would make better boyfriends. :)

get2eric said...

The important thing is, what did you have to eat?

Anonymous said...

That is such an exhausting aspect of dating. I mean, sheesh, can you not even focus on the person you are supposed to be finding out about, dude??? Oh make that dud. NEXT! -steph

Cameron Sharpe said...

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