Monday, February 09, 2009

The Rest of the Weekend

Don't worry, my weekend got better. Friday was just a low point. (Blame it on hormones.)

We had some milder temperatures this weekend with lots of sunshine, and I walked around until I couldn't walk anymore. (My right hip has been acting up, shifting out of alignment due to slight scoliosis, and although the chiropractor adjustments help, it keeps falling out of place.)

Our church choir (all ten of us) are preparing to do a Cantata and special womens-only piece in two weeks. The music is very challenging for our group, but it's starting to sound so good. We practice after the church service, and I've realized this is my favorite part of the week. We also have cassette tapes of the music to practice with at home, and when I start to sing along with the tape, my cat Sabrina howls along with me. (It's a bit disconcerting but also funny.)

And I saw my NJ friend Kelly yesterday. Her pregnant belly is beautiful, round and full. We haven't seen each other since early December, and she remarked that my face looks thinner. :-) Love that!


get2eric said...

Good. You should take a vid of you and Sabrina and put it on youtube.

TudorCityGirl said...

Hi! I just found your blog on 30something Blogs and it is fantastic. I can SO relate. I also saw that commercial with Jane Seymour the other day about your heart having to be open for love to come in.. Easier said than done.
I feel the loneliness you talk about to. It can be tough in this city. I started a blog to talk about the dating life here as well...http: // if you'd like to read sometime.

Good luck. We'll meet the RIGHT one...eventually.