Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Writer's Block, aka No Dates

As you may have noticed, I haven't had much to write about lately. The stretches between posts seem to be growing.

Yesterday, I caught up with a girl who also moved to the city last fall. She mentioned she's had a couple dates in the last week that were promising, and I asked, how are you meeting all these guys? (Everytime we talk, she mentions a couple more!) She said she's meeting them through eHarmony.

Now, I've tried just about every online dating service, including eHarmony. Granted, I was narrowing my search to the Dallas area. Perhaps the larger pool in NYC would give me more/different/(dare I hope) better results. (The last time I tried it was in 2005.)

Unlike most online dating services where you post a picture and profile and then "shop" through others' profiles to find a potential match, eHarmony arranges connections for you. After a thorough survey, they pair you with others who have similar traits and values.

So, I'm giving it some thought. I think I would need some new pictures of me, but other than a monthly membership fee, what have I got to lose? It can't be as bad as speed dating!


Jennifer said...

I hope it works!

ColeBugsmommy said...

Good luck! Maybe you'll meet someone fun to explore the city with.

paula said...

You go for it Em!!