Thursday, April 03, 2008

Need Your Input for a Snappy Response

Two of my doctors -- or pseudo-doctors, a chiropractor and a dentist -- have the same annoying habit. I guess they are trying to be flattering, but it leaves me without anything good to say. I thought I'd open it up to the general readership for ideas.

I saw my dentist today, and he says, "So how come no one has snatched you up yet?"
My chiropractor had a similar [stupid] question, "I can't believe you're not married. You don't even have a boyfriend? How can you not have a boyfriend?"

It's so frustrating! So please, readers of the blog, (obviously intelligent people with good taste), got any ideas for a smart ass remark to put these guys in their place and let them know how insensitive their questions are?


EdamameMommy said...

No smartass reply here, but hey doctors friends? Maybe you should say something along the lines of "Hey, you're telling me, buddy! Well, it's hard to find the good guys out there, and I'm not really into picking them up at bars. Got any single friends?"

paula said...

I too don't have a smart ass reply, but got to say, I reckon they fancy you ... oooh errr!!! I go with Steph, ask them if they have any cute single friends (preferably of the male variety). XXXX P.S. Jonas is currently snuggled up next to a very asleep Luke

Jennifer said...

Yeah, I got nothin' for you here.

Lauren said...

Smart ass replies:
1) Borrow a line from the movie "Four Weddings and a Funeral." After finding out she's not married, a wedding patron asks Fiona, "Are you a lesbian?" She replies, "No, but why do you ask?" And the patron's response is, "Well, it's a bit more interesting than saying, just haven't met the right chap, eh?"

2) I'm sorry--did you say something about my teeth? (or back pain or whatever) i.e., immediately shut down the line of questions and move it back to the professional zone

3) Hmmm, I never get asked THAT question. (said with a considerable amount of sarcasm)

4) Why don't you tell me? Because EVERYONE asks me that question.

5) I'm sorry, did you ask me a question? (hopefully, they won't be dumb enough to repeat the inappropriate question)

6) (my personal favorite) I was married, but I killed him. So, that really kind of scares off future prospects.

So, all that said, I do think Stephanie's suggestion is a good one. ;-)

Can't wait to see you in Big D soon.

peevish said...

Yeah, I can't think of anything good, either. This is such an insensitive topic it can almost seem like an attack, and like there's something wrong with you because you aren't partnered-up. I mean, do you really even know these guys well enough to share your personal life with them?

Maybe you could just say you haven't found anyone good enough yet. What was that line from Thelma and Louise? "You get what you settle for." Maybe you aren't ready to settle for less than you need/want. And that's more than ok.

Trisha said...

Just smile and say: “Wow, I hadn’t really given it much thought, what a great idea! Thanks!”

That's my response! good luck!

Emily said...

LOL...thanks for all the suggestions.

A guy I know gave me another:
"Well, I have very big...I mean, high standards."

Richard said...

Believe it or not these guys were depending on their age either trying to flirt with you with the old "I cant believe YOU'RE not with someone" because they find you attractive or if they're over a certain age they still want to get you into bed but are trying to come across all Fatherly.

Q said...

Why has no one snapped you up yet ? Because I bite!