Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fashion Style: Who, Me?

One of the things I love about NYC is that every individual style is tolerated and even embraced. (I know there is a high society here somewhere and they probably judge each other on what they wear, but I'm not part of that society, probably never will be, and let's face it, don't really want to be.) In general, I have found NYC is a very accepting city.

As you may know, NYers are known for wearing a lot of black. Not sure why...maybe it's because we walk around the grimy city so much, sit on subways, and are surrounded by so much taxi exhaust? Of course, some venture out a bit from all black, wearing gray, brown or navy, or --ooh! daring! -- khaki.

I was approached on the street one morning by a colleague as we were both walking towards our building from the subway.

"I knew that was you," she said. When I inquired how -- or what she meant by that -- she said it was my bright red, tiered skirt. "You always wear bright colors!"

Looking around, I did seem to be the only one on the busy street with any discernible color.

Several other coworkers have recently commented on it, too. One day I'll be wearing green, another day pink, and people stop by my office to comment on how well I wear color and how "springy" I look.

In Dallas, I never felt like I quite wore the right thing. Never fashionable enough. And here, I'm being heralded for my sense of style! LOL


Anonymous said...

You are making a fashion statement - good for you! We Texans are a colorful lot :)
Love, M

Jennifer said...

Interesting how you refer to yourself in the collective "we New Yorkers..."

You definitely are a colorful character. You always brighten our day!!!

get2eric said...

A Native New Yorker!

Jennifer said...

Donde usted, tambien?