Sunday, May 23, 2010

West Point Graduation

My cousin Rob graduated from West Point this weekend. I was 16 when he was born, and I clearly remember his whole life. It was very emotional to see him graduate. I'm so proud of him -- although I never doubted he'd finish what he started there -- but I can't help but feel concern about him and his friends he introduced me to as they head off to Afghanistan later this year. But Saturday was mostly about celebrating, and no less than the Commander in Chief -- President Obama -- was there to commemorate their achievement. In attendance were Rob's parents, his paternal grandparents, his sister Bev, my sister Steph and her husband, and me.

UPDATE: I can't get the videos to upload correctly, but you can see them on my YouTube channel. President Obama's full speech can be found on the White House blog.


Anonymous said...

How exciting for you all,Emily :)
How happy you all look and how smart Rob looks.Lovely pics.:)


Anonymous said...

Wow, wonderful pictures and memories! So glad that you and Steph were able to attend.
Love, M

jman said...

Hey I posted a comment yesterday and it seems to have disappeared into the ethernet because it isn't here. Plus last night I noticed that your West Point post had disappeared too. Did you have some gremlins making mischief with your website?

jman said...

This has nothing to do with West Point, but (and I hang my head in shame to acknowledge I forgot despite my going to the trouble of asking) Happy belated birthday! To celebrate I have arranged for a few thousand of your favorite sailors (and the odd marine) to come hang out and look picturesque in your honor. I was all set to send the flowers and champagne, but alas, while I know you are world renowned, I fear that telling the delivery person they're going to Emily somewhere near Ground Zero might not get them to their intended recipient. All I can say is the champagne was merveilleux! Happy birthday again Emily.

Emily said...

Aunty Norma: Yes, Rob looked so handsome!

M: Me too.

jman: Sorry for the gremlins. Yes, I've been having major technical issues with the blog this week. Very frustrating. And thanks for the belated bday wishes. I LOVE champagne...can't believe you drank it all yourself. :-)