Friday, May 07, 2010


My mom (!) sent me an email with an attachment about the human body. I work in the health field and have always been interested in medicine and science, so I imagined it would have interesting facts about anatomy.

And it did.

Including, "the penis of an average man is three times the size of his thumb."

This is great to open at work, complete with a nude-y picture, albeit very tastefully done.

And it makes you wonder, doesn't it?


jman said...

Gives new meaning to the man who says he is "all thumbs"!

Anonymous said...

Emily asks: "And it makes you wonder, doesn't it? " errmm,yes,Emily, it does hahahaaha


Emily said...

jman: Ha! Good one.

A. Norma: Glad it gave you a chuckle as well!

get2eric said...

Thumbs up on that one JMan.

prabhat said...

I am very eager to know other facts in your mom's email.