Friday, June 13, 2008

What Would You Do to Meet the Right One?

Finding, or meeting, "quality singles" is difficult when you're a thirty-something singleton.

In your early twenties, when you're still in college, it's a bit easier, I think. Everyone around you is in basically the same stage of life. But as you experience things, and add layers onto your trappings, it becomes more challenging.

I've also found that as a woman, as I've moved up in my career, my potential "interested's" narrow.

People give you lots of advice. I've tried almost all of it. But I'm definitely in a different situation than most of my friends and family. So I wondered...what would you, dear readers, do to meet the right one?

Would you go to a different church because it is bigger than yours and has more single people? (abandoning the choir you helped establish and the friends you are just starting to feel comfortable with?)

Would you try online dating, speed dating, blind dates?

Would you pay a significant amount of money to a matchmaker?

Sometimes, I'm afraid to hope for someone to share my life with because I don't want to be disappointed again. Mostly, I focus on the positive aspect of my life, and there ARE lots of things I love about living on my own and answering to no one but myself. I like my independence, but I miss having someone to share it all with. A dichotomy, I know.


Jennifer said...

I don't think you should leave a church you really like (and the choir!) just for a nebulous chance to meet someone.

I would do speed dating or use a service. I never thought about paying a matchmaker! Sounds so Fiddler on the Roof!

EdamameMommy said...

I don't know what I would do to find love. I guess I would try to be happily immersed in many activities that I enjoyed and hope that I find someone doing that along the way. I don't imagine finding someone in NYC in a bar or at a speed dating event. I do envision it would be through friends, friends of friends, or associations. Is there an Aggie alum group, surely there is? Supper clubs? What philanthropic activities interest you now? I don't think I'm v imaginative. I second Jenn's opinion that you should not quit your choir.

jgjbfamily said...

Call me old fashioned or romantic - but I think you'll meet him on the elevator, or in the airport :) - when you're not thinking about it you'll look up and see him...for now I would concentrate on doing what you love...