Monday, June 09, 2008

I Love 80's Music

Everyone said it would happen, but after weeks and months of loneliness, I admit I had my doubts.

NYers would tell me, hang in there. Pretty soon, things will just click for you.

I think the "click" happened on my birthday, because it feels like I haven't stopped since! After that wonderful weekend, I've had something to do or people to meet up with every day. The rare day when I have a moment to myself is suddenly cherished. Such a difference from just a month ago.

This weekend, I braved the heat wave to get out and do some shopping with my friend Lindsay. (She moved here from Toronto just two weeks before I moved here from Dallas.) We bought a few suits, pajamas and other odds and ends. I shopped for my Gemini nieces and nephew. We had yummy Thai food for lunch and multiple bottles of water to try and replace the gallons of sweat we emitted.

Each of us went home to clean up and nap and then we met for a late dinner and dancing at this great 80's bar Lindsay found. (I'm still amazed that you can go for dinner in NYC at 10 or 11 at night and the restaurant is full and busy as if it were 7 p.m.) The 80's music was fantastic, and they played the videos on the big screens. Everyone in the bar was singing all the words. Lindsay's sister and a friend were visiting from Toronto, and the four of us girls had a blast. None of us were interested in getting picked up by any of the intoxicated guys around us, and one persistent guy kept trying to butt into our group by going from one to the next. The other girls were more polite than I was, but he obviously wasn't getting the idea that we weren't interested. They happened to be playing "Mony Mony" by Billy Idol. You know the part where he sings "Yeah" and the backup singers reply "Yeah"... This guy would lean into our group and sing the Billy "Yeah" part and I just looked at him and sang the backup part "No."


It worked. The girls cracked up, but he left us alone!


EdamameMommy said...

Well that post is great news! Except now I have that song stuck in my head!!!!!!!!!!

jman said...

And if you had been in a 60's bar you could have heard the original by Tommy James and the Shondells who also did Hanky Panky and I Think We're Alone Now before going flower power and relevant with Crystal Blue Persuasion. This concludes the music trivia portion of the response!

jgjbfamily said...

Great to hear you are so busy! I danced to that song for my jazz recital when I was about 10...I'm not sure if it was the original or the one by Idol - but I know that is when I learned to do the pony... I remember I wanted to get the record to practice with - so mom took me to a locally owned record store - hard to find now a days - we got it on a 45 rpm...a long way from itunes...

Jennifer said...

When I ordered a margarita this weekend (the kind in a shaker), a guy next to me leaned over into my personal space and said, "Yeah, baby, pour it!" I gave him a puzzled look and turned back to my friends. That's the closest to a pick-up I got. I wish I could have given him a musical let down!

Mike said...

Hello from New York! I once went to Texas in the 1990s to Rockwall. It was so hot down there.
I love the 80s music. But I love all eras. I have a 80s music blog you might like.