Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Best & the Worst

My Canadian-turned-NYer friend Lindsay and I had quite a fun day on Saturday. Well, at least the evening was fun.

Have you heard of It's a website where you can join groups of like-minded individuals to meet people related to a hobby or cause. There's a singles meetup group that Lindsay joined, and she learned they were having a barbeque on Saturday. We decided to go and mingle.

Oh. My. God. I haven't seen such a collection of misfits since the Anti-Valentine's party.

We didn't stay long. Lindsay kept giving me the look that told me she was debating between laughing or screaming and running outta there. She got stuck talking to this woman in her early 40's that is DESPERATE to have a child and was describing all the ways she's going about hunting down some sperm. Very strange.

Later that evening, Lindsay came downtown (she lives in the Upper West Side, or UWS as it's known for short), and we had a lovely dinner at one of my favorite neighborhood places. We asked the bartender for recommendations on a dance club, and he suggested Marquee.

After choking through the $20 cover, we noticed it was a hip place with good music and many good-looking guys! We ended up talking to these really nice guys from Switzerland and had a blast.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful young women!!!
Love, M

Jennifer said...

That's a hefty cover. Glad it wasworth it.