Monday, March 03, 2008

Rest and Lots of Liquids

Nothing much to report on. My weekend consisted of sleep, tissues, lots of water and tea, and movies. I didn't even leave the apartment yesterday.

I'm feeling marginally better, but I was so bored with the idea of spending another day at home, I decided to pull myself together and come to work. (Bronchitis isn't contagious.)

Good movies: Coach Carter, The Interpreter
Just ok: Raisin in the Sun, Love Song for Bobby Long


get2eric said...

As long as you're giving recommendations.....We watched a nice movie -Across the Universe- which was a well done story and musical tale about a Liverpool lad who jumped ship in US. Worth watching. At the beginning there is an interesting comparison of High School and home environment differences for 18 year olds in England and US in the 1960s.......woah! I could write a post on that.

The thing I liked best in the movie was that all the people could really sing the stuff they were doing and, that it didn't seem like the music didn't belong to the story.. I know I could have said 'it seemed like the music belonged in the story' but, that wouldn't have described properly what I mean. There are so many musicals where I liked the music and stuff but it didn't fit into the story as well. You know what I mean? Hence the negative approach.

Jennifer said...

Funny photo!

paula said...

Hope you feel better soon petal, also hope your snoz doesn't get too sore with all the tissue wiping XXX