Monday, March 17, 2008

Down Home Visit

Just back from an extended visit back to Texas. I heard on Wednesday of last week that my dear great-aunt Sudie was back in the hospital. She had back-to-back bouts of the flu and bronchitis, and it was just about more than her 93-year-old body could take. I flew down and sat with her, holding her hand. She was delighted to see me and kept repeating, "All the way from New York City!"

On Saturday, we had a family reunion in Waco. It was great to see everyone, and with my new hometown, I was one of the few who had travelled the farthest.

I delivered my New York City books to my nieces and nephews. I bought four stuffed animals (koala bears for the girls and polar bears for the boys) and took them around the city, taking their picture at many of the iconic sites. I wrote the story from the animal's point of view, and the stories were well received by not only the kids but by the adults, too!

Yesterday, as I was saying goodbye to my niece Anna, she started sobbing and held her arms tightly around my neck. At first she said she didn't want me to leave, and then she said "take me with you!" Neither of which was possible. It just broke my heart, because I hate to leave her, too.


paula said...

I loved the polar bear picture, bet those books are so great! Poor Anna, she obviously loves you so much. Bless her. XXX

get2eric said...

The books were terrific, and the family do was too.
Sorry we misjudged the time back to IAH but glad you got the next flight.
I was stressed after that fast drive.

Jennifer said...

We are counting the days to our next Auntie Emily visit.

EdamameMommy said...

The books are so fantabulous that Miss Paigie Keegan already has most of hers precisely memorized. Graham is snuggling with Sigmund in the prime lovey spot tonight, wrapped tightly in those skinny little arms. Love it all -- and now she captures any breeze in Zara's (the koala's) fuzzy ear fur. Thanks, Em!!!!!!

ColeBugsmommy said...

What an amazingly heartfelt and thoughtful gift.