Thursday, March 06, 2008


I finally went to the doctor yesterday. He gave me antibiotics and a steriod inhaler, and I am feeling better today than I have in a week! And, it's a beautiful sunny day.

I don't know if it's been the effect of the gloomy weather, feeling crummy and unable to get a deep breath or just sick of being lonely, but I've been rather homesick lately.

Things I miss about Texas:
  • Mi Cocina, especially their salsa!
  • Being close to family, close enough to drive down for a last-minute weekend getaway
  • Having a multitude of friends to call on
  • Having a "best friend"
  • My motorcycle
  • Bluebonnets
  • Blue Bell ice cream
  • Shiner Bock beer
  • Wide, open spaces
  • Knowing my way around

Things I don't miss about Texas:
  • Driving, especially in traffic
  • The persistent heat
  • Having my vote not count because of the messed up electoral college system
  • The arrogant belief of so many that Texas is the best/only place to be, even though they've never set foot outside it's boundaries
  • Huge belt buckles. Really, what's the point?


Trisha said...

You had a motorcycle? NOOOOOO I don't believe it!

Jennifer said...

Ha ha! Good lists.

peevish said...

I'm glad you're feeling better!

I don't miss those things about Texas, either. And I would replace the salsa with El Chile salsa.

Hey, I just got a message saying you just now commented on MY blog. haha!