Saturday, February 05, 2011

When You'll Meet "the One"

I watched an indie movie tonight called "Timer." It's set in the future, when a technology has been developed that allows you to know when you will meet your soul mate. People get a timer implanted into their wrist, and when their soul mate also has a timer, it provides you with a countdown -- the days, hours and minutes until you'll meet -- and both people's timers beep when you meet "the one."

Would you want to know?

Some characters in the movie want to fall in love "the old fashioned way" and refuse timers. The heroine goes for most of her life with a blank timer, meaning her soul mate hasn't gotten one, and she drags numerous guys in to the store to get their timers, only to discover they aren't her "one."

It's an interesting premise for a movie. And it sets up some interesting situations. If you know you won't meet anyone for years, what do you do with your time until then? Do you get a lot accomplished, such as degrees or marathons? Do you "save yourself" for the one or enjoy the people you meet in your life and live in the moment?

I think I would want to know, even if I was disappointed with the answer.


jman said...

an interesting premise, but one that seems to be predicated solely on a timer and not the qualities of the person with the timer. Does this mean there is only one person with a timer set like yours? I don't believe there is only one "soul mate" for a person, but that there are many such people and that in addition to meeting that person you have to meet them at the right time in your life (so maybe that is where the timer comes in) and, of course, the right time in theirs. I think it is important to approach people (men in your case) without a checklist, but simply to take them as you find them and see where it goes from there.

Anonymous said...

nice entry...i've been thinking of you...hope all is well...