Sunday, February 13, 2011

Keeping Fit

When I joined the gym, I got some "gym bucks" that you can choose to spend on a variety of activities. I chose to use all of mine for some sessions with a personal trainer. And she's kicking my butt! (in a good way)

She's a triathlete, too, and has already given me suggestions on how to improve my time. (My goal each year is just to beat my previous time, and so far, each year I've done that.) I also told her I wanted to tone up in general. And I may have mentioned I don't like my upper arms...hence the incredible arm workouts she has added to the cardio and strength training.

Most days, some muscle group feels a bit sore. But overall, I feel so much stronger, have more energy and am sleeping like a rock. It's great!

My gym workouts are also supplemented by my sister's Bollywood aerobic class on Sunday nights, too. I'm feeling stronger (and more confident with the steps) there, too, and it's fun!


get2eric said...

And I'm feeling like a slug. No exercise in two weeks because of the flu thing that hit me and then Rancho SF and back here work for two days. I must be 300 lbs.......Oh well, thank goodness you're doing well.....

jman said...

So when do we get to see EJ's Slumdog Millionaire closing credits video?

Boilerdad said...

Thanks for letting me join in on a session, I think! I am moving around like Frankenstein today I am so sore! Actually, it is good to get to use all new muscle groups, and get some inspiration for new Bollywood moves.

Emily said...

get2eric, aka Daddy: The nice thing is, you can always start over again!

jman: LOL! Not likely. :-)

Boilerdad, actually Vetmommy: HA! Guess you were signed in as your hubby, because I know it was Jenn who joined me at the gym. I am feeling the pain today, too. I may have overdone it a bit this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hey congratulations on that! You are brave. I can only work out on my own and having either a personal trainer or being in a said class always makes me feel so bad for not being able to keep up.
And boy, do I want to lose a couple of pounds!