Monday, February 21, 2011

Paris, Revisited

Paris is gorgeous, as always, but the weather has been drippy gray and I've been slowed by a cold. As usual, I've been pushing myself to go-go-go, and I'm quite exhausted. Yesterday and today, I walked and walked, taking pictures of buildings and scenes that caught my fancy, stopping to eat when I got hungry, and seeing as much as possible. The people I've met have been very forgiving with my French, and the food has been divine.

The apartment I'm renting has a computer (awesome!) with a French keyboard (frustrating). It's mostly similar to an English one, but has a few differences that slow me tremendously and force me to "hunt and peck." If I were to type as I usually do, here's how this paragraph would turn out:

The qpqrt,ent Iù, renting hqs q co,puter 9qzeso,e1à zith q French keyboqrd 9frustrqting0: Itùs ,ostly si,ilqr to qn English one; but hqs q fez differences thqt sloz ,e tre,endously qnd force ,e to hunt qnd peck: If I zere to type qs I usuqlly do, hereùs hoz this pqrqgrqph zould turn out:

So, this post will be short! :-) I look forward to sharing pictures when I get back stateside.


EdamameMommy said...

I'm so glad you went ahead and pecked your way through that. No way we could have translated from Parisienkeyboard!

Traci N said...

Paris is slowly moving up my European 'must see' destination list w/ your posts. Though, the list is long - it may still be a while! But, I do think I would love browsing the architecture there.

If you have a quick minute for some NYC input - I'm headed there next week to say goodbye to MY 30-somethingness with a few friends. My backup plan for a unique stop is Campbell Apartment. And since that was your suggestion and I loved the place, I thought I'd see if you could toss me a couple other places, if any come to mind. I'd like 1 of our 4 nights to be a bit purposeful and find good music, unique atmosphere, or some other entertainment. But, none of us are in the position to break the bank either. Anything come to mind that may not make the average out-of-towners radar? A rather vague request. But, as a regular reader, I trust wherever YOU may consider closing out the 30's, I too would probably like.