Monday, January 31, 2011

What Happened to January?

I feel like this month just disappeared somehow...I can't believe it's already over. Guess I've been keeping busy, so here's a random assortment of thoughts and activities:

At the gym: Although I love the amenities, I've always been shy about changing in public. (And yes, it's women-only in the dressing room, but it still reminds me of junior high days when everyone was looking at and comparing to each others' bodies.) Some women have NO issue with this however, and quite a few I would suspect are exhibitionists. I politely keep my eyes averted, but I couldn't help overhear a conversation between two young moms where one showed off her boob job. Really?! I guess she was proud of the work and maybe had to justify the cost to herself by getting external approval.

On the learning front: I'm taking a tele-course by Martha Beck, best-selling author and life coach, and I'm LOVING it. Of course, there's quite a bit of homework to factor into my busy weeks, but I'm learning so much about myself and gaining new perspectives. More to come on this.

On life and death: A friend and former colleague of mine passed away last week after a hard battle with pancreatic cancer. He was just 41 and was diagnosed just after his wedding 6 months ago. Ray was one of those energetic, charismatic people that draws people to them, and although I am saddened by his death at such a young age, I truly admire how he lived his life.

On crazy Texas weather: We had a beautiful, spring-like weekend. It was unbelievably warm and sunny. But in just a few short days, we will be hit with another winter storm. The extremes are amazing, so I had to share a iPhone visual for those who won't be here to experience it in person (and I've included the Celsius version for my European fans):

On creativity: One of my colleagues is pregnant with her first, a baby girl, and she has been one of the most welcoming to me on my transition to the Austin office. I enjoyed making her a baby quilt (this pic was taken in progress), and her reaction to it was truly touching.

So next up: February! More winter weather, travel, personal victories to celebrate...2011 is off to a roaring start.

And with my Chinese food lunch, my fortune is "A lifetime of happiness lies ahead of you." I believe that's true. :-)


jman said...

Let's hope it isn't used up in a week's span! Just kidding. And I have to tell you a) you're a knucklehead for worrying about others checking you out in the lockerroom or that if you happen so see someone else there you will always come out second best and b)having seen you (fully clothed I hasten to add!) I am here to tell you, you have nothing to be ashamed of in the physical looks department. Even if one could totally objectify what is perceived to be beauty or hotness, only one person is going to come in no. 1, the rest (other than the bottom ranked) will always be better than some and not as good as the others. I remember once going to a nude beach and being very self conscious about it until I told myself that no one was going to be looking because I was neither Adonis nor because I was so hideous as to be the human equivalent of a train wreck and after that I just relaxed. Work it girl. This ends the uplifting portion of the comment.

Where will your travels be taking you?

Anonymous said...

haha what a super Post,Emily, and a very interesting reply from jman!
I have decided this Summer (that is if we get any here in England) that I am going to lock my Gates and ...sunbathe topless..ooer. :) :)

Aunty Norma.xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily

I just stumbled upon your blog and really like reading some of the entries. I am also 30-something and live in Asia.

Well. I kinda know what you mean re: locker rooms. Except that nudity in Japan is not that biggie and no one ever checks anyone out.

What is this tele course about? It sounds like a personal coaching course. It sounds interesting.

Emily said...

Hi, cubiclelifestyle. Welcome!
Yes, the telecourse is on life coaching. It is very interesting and helps you get a different perspective on how you think. I will probably say more in the future, for now, I'm still processing a lot. :-)