Friday, January 15, 2010

A Girly Event

Last night I went to the grand opening of Intimacy's new location. For those who aren't in-the-know, Intimacy is the ultimate in bra-fitting. The owner, Susan Nethero, has been featured in most of the women's mags and on the shows How to Look Good Naked and Oprah. I had been introduced to a similar store by my sister Steph in Houston, and after seeing Susan on TV, I knew I had to check out her NYC store. In addition to the great fit and outstanding costumer service, Intimacy carries only high-quality lingerie. It IS more expensive, but it makes you feel like a million bucks and when taken care of properly, can last a long time. Plus, they offer free alterations for the life of the bra, so as it stretches over time, they take it in. Since moving here 2 1/2 years ago, I've been a patron of their store on the Upper East Side up in the 90's, but the saleslady I work with told me they were opening a bigger, better location on 62nd Street.

Their grand opening event had champagne (yum) and teeny-tiny hors d'ouvers. While it's a beautiful shop, it's not huge, and it was quite full with all the guests and staff. I saw Susan Nethero across the room but didn't seek her out. I checked out their displays and signed up for a fitting -- where the saleslady I've worked with three times before brings me a variety of styles and colors to a private dressing room. I also had to get one of the Hanky Panky's they were bedazzling just for the sheer indulgence and the fact that it made me laugh. Who would bedazzle panties?!? Well, I guess I wouldn't personally, but I now own a pair. He he!

And then I turned from the bedazzling table and Susan said, "Hi, are you having fun?" And we proceeded to talk for about 10 minutes. She was perfectly lovely and not at all pretentious or conceited. She mentioned, as I've seen on her site and heard her say before in interviews, that she really believes in empowering women, and her way of doing that is helping them look their best.

I love the store, and I will continue to patronize it even if I don't win the shopping spree drawing (but I hope I win!), but the best part of the evening was talking to Susan. I love meeting people who are passionate about what they do and are successful at doing something good for themselves and for others.

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Anonymous said...

Really,really enjoyed this post :)
Thank-you,Emily. I wish we had a store like that in England we NEED one!