Friday, January 08, 2010


When I planned my trip to Holland, GED asked me what I wanted to see. I've been to Amsterdam before and saw many of the top attractions, including the Anne Frank museum, the Van Gogh museum and the Heineken museum. I told him I really wanted to see what life is like in Holland and maybe visit Belgium, which is just a couple hours drive away.

So on Saturday, GED drove me to Antwerp, Belgium. He lived there a few years ago and was able to navigate the city easily. We walked around and I enjoyed the quaint architecture, the remaining Christmas decorations, and the reminders of home in a Tex Mex restaurant, a store named New Yorker, and Ben & Jerry's.


Vetmommy said...

I've never been there, either. Looks beautiful, very European!

Anonymous said...

..nice architecture,Emily..:)


grandad says said...

Berry nice

Anonymous said...

Really fantastic pictures!! Love them.