Wednesday, December 17, 2008


He told me last night that I'm awesome.

He had tickets to a band I'd never heard of and was hoping a coworker would go with him to the show. The coworker backed out at the last minute, and I offered to meet him. It was snowing and cold yesterday, and I was already at home, so he told me to just stay home where it was warm. But he said the fact that I would offer to meet him and go see a band I didn't know was indicative of how "awesome" I am. "I know you would [come out and meet me] because you're awesome like that. You're really awesome, Emily."

I have a hard time accepting compliments, but that made me smile (and say Thank You, of course).


Working Kitten said...

He is so in denial about his feelings for you! Just a bit of advice you can happily take or leave, with my situation, mine was behavng in a way indicative of a full on relationship, introducing me to friends and family, making caring comments, telling me how amazing I was, being all touchy cuddly as well as the more physical side, for months prior to us becoming an offical couple. And the way I handled it? Told myself firmly it would never be anything more than it was and didn't push him at all till the point at which he told me he loved me and I blew up at the ridiculousness of the situation, and pointed out to him him how could he say and do all these things without being openly committed to me. It was just a waiting game with alot of self enforced denial on my side.

I'd just like to say too that hes right though, from the way you write you sound pretty awesome. Carry on enjoying it.


Anonymous said...

Well,my lovely ARE awsome! and nice with it too. :o)

Aunty Norma.x

Lauren said...

Men are like cats, sometimes. If you can be patient and sit quietly, they'll come sit down next to you eventually. But don't make any sudden moves! Just feed and care for them regularly, and one day, you'll find they're begging for your company--and won't get off your laptop when you're trying to type. Hang in there, sweetie--your "cat" will come around. Love, L