Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sore muscles and itchy bug bites

So, in addition to Colin's birthday party, Jenn scheduled some triathlon training for Sunday. We did a 5K with the Pflugerville Pfun Run, and Jenn and Anthony left me in the dust! I was actually very frustrated with the organizers because the start clock went from 7 minutes to zero when they noticed everyone was ready to go. I was planning on taking my asthma medicine at 5 minutes before the start. I took it as they blew the horn and had a pretty good asthma attack within the first mile. I was so angry with my body. My legs felt like they could have kept going, but my chest was screaming with pain and I just couldn't get enough oxygen. I walked most of the 3.1 miles and finished in 42 minutes. (Jenn finished in an incredible 30 minutes.)

Then, we met up with a couple of girls from Jenn's vet clinic and went out to Pflugerville Lake. Jenn had determined that across and back was about 1/2 mile, the distance we will swim in the triathlon in June. The water was cold, which makes you gasp for breath, and then putting your head in the opaque, green water, you realize you can't see even 12 inches in front of your face. This freaks me out a bit, so I spent most of the way across with my head up, doing the breaststroke. At least we didn't have multitudes of other women to compete for space. Halfway across, I didn't know how I was going to make it. Once we got to the other side, we rested for a few minutes and readied our minds to head back. Anthony decided to walk around. The rest of us had had more recent swim practice, and he felt safer walking than risking being out in the middle completely exhausted.

Although the way back was against the current, amazingly, we all agreed it was actually easier than the first half! I was able to get my face in the water more and really concentrate on my stroke, which I think moves me farther. I also battled my right leg cramping, but I made it to the other side.

Once we reunited with Anthony and were discussing how the triathlon has people in canoes with those foam noodles for support, Anthony made the comment, "See, if I only had a noodle, I could have made it." We girls all cracked up, and someone repeated, "...if only Anthony had a noodle!"

In addition to the tired, sore muscles, there must have been chiggers in the field by the lake. I have 7 bites, and they are so damn annoying! I've tried Caladryl and hydrocortizone cream, but nothing is really taking away the itch.


Eric said...

Sounds like a great time was not had by all.
I really hate those chiggers. Didn't miss them a bit in ELP.

EdamameMommy said...

Blech! That water sounds gross. Good for you doing the 5K despite breathing issues. What's the training regime between now and tri day?

paula said...

You see, now I feel exhausted from just reading it. Am with Steph on the "Blech" for the water, how gross, I would be really trying hard not to get any of that in my mouth.

get2eric said...

Happy birthday Emily. Up in NYC for your celebration.

Jennifer said...

I have 27 chigger bites in my pelvic area! It's obscene. I hate those chiggers.

Happy Birthday!