Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Enjoying the Texas Hill Country

I awoke to the sound of rain today. I love that sound. I never really heard storms in NYC, other than occasionally hearing the wind against my high rise apartment window.

I'm also enjoying the sound of my wind chime again. It was banished to the dark space under my couch while I was in NYC when my plans to hang it in the living room were dashed with the concrete in the ceiling. As soon as I unpacked it, I hung it on my patio here in Austin -- it was up before any pictures were on the walls!

And one of my favorite sights is between work and home: a beautiful view of the green hills here in Austin. I found this similar picture online so you all can enjoy it, too:


grandad says said...

Nice place to visit I bet.

Anonymous said...

That is one lovely view,Emily.


Anonymous said...

We miss you.

Anonymous said...

Where are you,Em? I need my Daily read :(