Wednesday, July 15, 2009


While many of my family members are roasting in the severe Texas heat and drought, we've had such a slow start to summer here in the Northeast. June was almost completely washed out here in NYC, with only 5 days not having rain. Since July arrived, though, it is feeling like summer, and I've been reminded how much I enjoy summertime. For so many years, living in Texas, I dreaded the summer and the heat that zaps your energy, existing from the air conditioning in your house to the air conditioning in your car until you get to the air conditioning at work. Living further north, I've been enjoying feeling the warm (not hot) sun on my face and being able to enjoy the sunny days with outdoor activities.

This past weekend, I went to Nantucket to join my sister Steph and her kids for a few days. Nantucket is even cooler than NYC, and the water was so cold I only braved getting in on Saturday when we had the warmest weather.


EdamameMommy said...

Yeah for the pics. I am in hysterics all over again with that silly tee pee face. And I am glad you captured Graham giving me THAT kiss. Oh and we are still loving those imaginative straws you brought. Big hit. Huge. Can you come back so we can eat all that food at Straight Wharf again?

get2eric said...

Great post Em.
What is with that straw deal?
All the kids look terrif. And you do too.

Emily said...

EdamameMommy - Glad the straws were a hit! And yes, I wish I could join you again at Straight Wharf. Mmm, that was delicious.

get2eric - The straws are these kits I found where you can create your own crazy straw with different sizes of straight straw and various joints. P&G enjoyed them!

Anonymous said...

Lovely,lovely pics,Em. Thanks for posting are really lean looking now aren't you? xx


Anonymous said...

Loved seeing all of these pics, Em - and I'm so jealous of your time in Nantucket! The kids look absolutely precious - and so big I can hardly believe my eyes! You look amazing, btw! I won't be going to the beach or pool with you anytime soon ;-) XOXO, WM

jman said...

Great looking dress and great looking woman (in inverse order of great looking!). Shows off your new sleek and sassy look to great effect.

Emily said...

A. Norma - Thanks!

WM - Yes, Nantucket is really beautiful and I enjoyed the slower pace of life for a few days. Thanks for the compliment, but I still see areas to work on!

jman - Thank you!