Friday, May 23, 2008

Grateful but Perplexed

I've been neglecting my blog. If you're reading this, thanks for checking back.

I watched my niece and nephew go through a bounce-house obstacle course at their local Deutchenfest last Sunday, and I feel like I've been going through something similar lately here at work. Just as I finish one small task or come to the end of a [mostly productive] meeting, I get hit by another obstacle and turned in another direction. It's like I'm treading water but not making any progress towards the shore. Well, at least I've still got my head above water!

As our country slides further and further into recession, and I hear about friends of friends here in NY that have been laid off, I'm thankful I have a good job and no lack of work. And with the ever-soaring gas prices, I'm glad I don't have a car!

Nothing really new on the dating front. I've been amazed and a bit overwhelmed with all the profiles being sent to me from eHarmony, but nothing has materialized into a face-to-face meeting yet. One of the things that strikes me as funny about their site is the "Close Match" function. Either party can decide to close the match for a number of reasons. I try to be honest with my reasons, such as "no chemistry" or "feel our values are too different." I don't take it personally when someone closes a match on me, but I keep getting the following message:

One of the hardest things about any new relationship is deciding when or if you should continue forward in a relationship.
[Guy's name here] chose to permanently close communication with you for the following reason(s):
  • Other
What the hell?!? Can't you be honest? (They have 18 different responses to choose from.)


EdamameMommy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Here's hoping today brings more sunshine, more fun, more friends, more laughs, and of course more wine with which to cheers to it all. Love you.

Jennifer said...

Yes, the older I get the more I appreciate people being honest with me, specifically in regards to a request I am making of a coworker or employee -- if you don't want to do it, say so, don't waffle!

I think this time of your life is still unsettled, but I'm so glad you took the plunge to go to NYC. I'm sure you will have a profound perspective someday when you look back on this period in your life.

Feliz cumpleannos!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like the laziest cop out excuse of an online cyber relationship ever "other". Good grief!

ColeBugsmommy said...

It was great to see you again. I think that you are very brave and strong. Happy you family must really like September (do the math :)

jgjbfamily said...

I think "other" means - "You're the greatest person in the world and there is know way I could be associated with you because I'm too lazy."
At least that is what I tell myself whenever I get that box checked when a student drops one of my classes.:-)