Wednesday, May 07, 2008

7th of May

1. This is the first week I haven't had to wear a light jacket. As everyone told me, spring is beautiful in the City. I'm enjoying the blooms and sunshine.

2. The warmer weather means the subways are starting to get warmer, too. The air just seems to petrify down there, and the humidity makes the air feel heavy. It's amazing I still have any makeup still on by the time I get to work.

3. As much as I'm enjoying springtime here, I have been pretty homesick lately. May is full of family birthday celebrations, Mother's Day and fun gatherings back in Texas. Plus, my grandmother and great aunt are facing another difficult transition as elders. My heart aches to be with everyone. At least I'm going for my nephew Colin's birthday in a couple weeks.

4. I've heard from a few people over the years that occasionally, eHarmony will tell someone they can't find them a match! (Wouldn't that be awfully depressing?) They send me new matches every day, and I'm weeding through the profiles. Hopefully more to report soon...

5. I found out I'm allergic to latex. Not pleasant! Fortunately, things that are made from latex also come in other varieties.

6. I love living alone, but there are times when it would be helpful and much appreciated to have a man around. In general, most men do seem to be more mechanically inclined than women, and there are always little things that stump me. Like how do I get the stopper out of my bathroom sink so I can clear the drain? I know I could ask the super in the building, but it bothers me I can't figure this out.

7. I'm a decent cook. I have a few recipes that really amaze people. But I don't enjoy cooking as much when it's just for me. It's so nice to have someone to cook for. Fortunately, a certain friend has come over once a week in the past couple weeks to indulge me.


Hannah said...

Re: 5. Erk. I imagine that's a deeply unpleasant discovery.

Re: 7. Any chance he's on the way to becoming more than a friend...?! ;)

Jennifer said...

I agree, its way more fun to cook for an audience. Even if they all say shrimp is yucky.