Sunday, April 18, 2010

Living a Nightmare

Have you ever had the nightmare about your teeth falling out? I've had it several times over the years. It's very distressing. Apparently, the dream interpreters say it symbolizes that you are anxious (that's true) and afraid you're going to lose something (my mind?).

Last night, after volunteering with Habitat for Humanity for the day on Staten Island, I was pretty tired and decided to just have a quiet night at home. I made myself a simple dinner with pasta and watched my Netflix. I treated myself with a few squares of dark chocolate for dessert, and as I bit down to savor the sweet richness, I heard a strange crunch. To my horror, half of one of my molars broke off. To be honest, I think it's one of the teeth I have a crown on, so it's probably actually half of a crown, but it's freaky and awful. I ran to the bathroom to look at it, and it's not pretty. I had to look at it several times last night because my mind is still having a difficult time processing it. I called my dentist and left a message with his service. He actually called me back himself. Since I'm not in terrible pain (just a little throbbing and sensitivity to cold), and since I'm travelling for work tonight and most of tomorrow, we agreed I'd come in Monday late afternoon.

It's really not too painful, but it's so creepy. But I guess it's not the worst nightmare to have come true. And at least it's only one tooth.

[I have several crowns -- due to cracking my teeth from clenching and grinding them. I've bitten through three night guards. Stress. Still working on reducing/managing that. I really don't think I come across as high-strung or Type A, but I internalize a lot. And my teeth are getting the brunt of it.]


jman said...

Sorry to read about your misfortune. I know from experience that uneasy lies the tooth that wears the crown. it's why I never chew gum anymore nor any sort of chewy sticky thing like caramel or gummy bears. On the bright side, the fact that it is a molar means that only your dentist is likely to be looking into your mouth that closely to notice.

Hope it all works out to your liking.

Vetmommy said...

Oh no! So sorry about your tooth. That sounds nightmarish. I'm glad its not too painful!

Anonymous said...

Well,Emily, you want to bless your little cotton socks that it happened! it could have been the portent of something far,that was close. :)

A.Norma.x (in her White Witchy mood)