Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Incredible Entertainment

Last week, my mom and I attended Andrea Bocelli's concert at Madison Square Garden. It was absolutely fantastic. He sang mostly classical opera pieces, but he also had a couple of other styles thrown in here and there, such as "My Way," which he sang while playing the piano.

He was joined by a full orchestra and choir and special guests, including a fantastic soprano and a world-class flutist. He gave an incredible seven encores, and the audience was enthusiastic in its appreciation.

I had seen Andrea Bocelli perform as one of the many performers at the Concert for Diana in London in 2007, and he was one of my favorites. His talent is unmistakeable, and his blindness is only evident in that he closes his eyes while singing and doesn't make any gestures with his hands or arms. It's all in his beautiful voice.


Vetmommy said...

Glad you guys seized this incredible opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Two lovely pictures,Emily. :)
I didn't know that your 'sister' was visiting! hahaha Bev,you look great! (Emily too..so vibrant) love you both.


Anonymous said...

We had so much fun! The whole weekend was great with good food, great wine and drinks, lots of walking and we even got to see Robert Lewis as he was traveling through. The best part was it was cool and rainy - not like the blistering Texas heat! Actually the best part was being with Emily!!!
Love, M