Friday, June 05, 2009

Green Eyes

Here is a picture showing GED's beautiful eyes. As the story goes...

Back in 1998, I was dating a guy (who became ex-husband #2) who was taking a special training course at work. He called me to come meet some of his colleagues from Holland who were also in the class, and I went to meet them at the bar of a Texas steakhouse. When I walked in, I said hello to my boyfriend and he introduced his new friends. I shook hands with the first, then the second, and when I locked eyes with the third, I exclaimed, "Oh my God, you have beautiful eyes!" Immediately, I blushed when I realized I had said that out loud, and he laughed. (He told me later he wondered if this was how American women greeted new friends!) I was so embarrassed, although it was an honest statement, and we somehow managed to get past that pretty quickly and had a lovely evening all getting to know each other. They were in Texas for 6 weeks or so, and we all hung out together many times and kept in touch afterwards.

Green eyes are the rarest color. And strangely, I've dated three guys (including GED) with green eyes. I must be drawn to them in some way.

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