Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A Bachelor's Fridge

I know...I suck as a blogger lately. It's freakishly hot here in Texas. The heat has zapped my energy and inspiration. And since I hole up and try to stay out of the extreme weather, it's not very conducive to meeting new potential dates.

This week, I'm out of town, staying with my recently divorced uncle, who had some orthopedic surgery. He's still in the hospital tonight (surgery went very well), and since I know there is a hope or possibly an expectation that I will take over the cooking duties while I'm around, I went through to see what I'm working with. Here's a sampling of what I found:
* almost all the condiments you could need
* 4, yes 4 bags of grated "mexican cheese" - this is one of those repeat purchases. You know, every time you go to the grocery store, you think, oh yeah, I'll get one of those. Not remembering you already have one (or more) at home!
* several cans of chicken and beef broth
* a couple apples
* very ripe bananas (I'm thinking banana bread...although there's no flour or sugar yet)
* 6 yellow onions
* much meat in the freezer

I'm sure if one of my sisters looked through my bachelorette fridge, it would also be eye-opening about what's there, and what's not. It just made me laugh to see how much of some items he had, while completely lacking in others.


Shimmed said...

I miss my sparse bachelor fridge. At least it was clean.

Anonymous said...

hahaha a funny but very welcome posting,Em...and the Uncle is.. Tom? or the other Brother that I met in Dallas in the Jacuzzi at your Mom and Dad's when I was over in 1980ish..anyway look after him they are both treasures and lovely fellas. :)


Emily said...

Aunty Norma, it's the other one you met -- Joe. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ah,Emily,please remember me to him and tell him I remember us all sitting round the Jacuzzi after my first American Bar B Cue he and Tom were fooling about with me and it was good fun..:)Hope he soon recovers.

Aunty Norma.xx

be naughty said...

I miss my sparse bachelor fridge. At least it was clean.
Thanks for sharing.

MyInnerCheerleader said...

Ha! Sounds like a typical bachelor pantry

Johnny Madrid aka Tim E. said...

Sounds like my fridge. Only mine is actually emptier. ;)